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The origin of Mathura is ancient. Mathura is one of the seven holiest cities of Hindus, located on the bank of river Yamuna. Mathura is also known as Brajbhoomi and the most believed as the birthplace of Lord Krishna. The main attraction of Mathura is the Shri Krishna Janambhoomi temple.

Places Around Mathura

Vrindavan : Vrindavan is just 10 km from Mathura and it is associated with the childhood exploits of Lord Krishna, Vrindavan is also famous for its temples. There are about 4,000 temples in Vrindavan. The main temples are Govind Dev Temple, Bankey Bihari temple, Ballabh temple, Madan Mohan temple, and the Nidhi Van temple.

More places to visit near Mathura

Gokul, Mahaban, Barsana, Govardhan and Agra

Mathura’s Street Food

Mathura ka Peda: The land of Lord Krishna is known for more than just its temples. not merely famous for its temples, It is known more than just its temples. Mathura ka Peda and Chappan Bog, Puri and Kachori. Peda is a famous Sweeet of Mathura, No conversation on Mathura can initiate without the Mahura ka Peda.

Kachori and jalebi: Usually days begin here with a deep-fried breakfast of kachori and Jalebi in Mathura. In Mathura Kachori are served with potato curry instead of dry potatoes dish. The Spicy kachori are best combination with Hot jalebis.

Milk and rabri Whoever is visiting Mathura, must try to have the Kadhai wala doodh. It is made with fresh produce from dairy farms, the milk is simmered all day in an iron kadhai to reach a thick. This kadhai milk is served in a Kulhad , with an extra layer of malai on top.

Mathura’s rabri is another favourite. Again sweet and Thick, it is made by thickening milk on a low charcoal flame for hours at end. THe reason for the taste of the rabri is the milk—a blessing from the lord himself.

Reaching Mahura: Mathura is connected by road with Delhi ( 3½ hours) and Agra (1½ hour). Mathura is well connected by train with Agra, Sawai Mahopur, Kota and Delhi.

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