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Anil is a co-founder of the Travel Company, Go To Holidays, Haridwar. India, He is a Hotel Management professional. Having an admirable amount of experience in the Hotel Industry and He uses his proficiency in his work to bring the best results of any conferences and events. He is a person who loves nature and he regularly enjoys cycling. He loves reading books and travelling.



Nutan is the founder of the Travel Company, Go To Holidays, Haridwar, India. A hard worker and creative person by nature, she uses her pure imginations and ideas to put forth in her work, She loves to visit various places. Having almost 20Yrs + experience of this travel Industry, she considers herself as a person who does her best to provide the best value rates and services to her clients whether it's leisure segment or Corporate segment. Not only that, Nutan has a knack for being a good painter, who makes paintings and a good chef as well.