Indian Festivals

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India is a land of colors, Art, Culture, Spirituality and religious integrity, and it is reflected in various festivals celebrated by people. People plan and reach to their home from their work places to gather and celebrate the festivals with their loving ones. Some festivals are full of colors, lights, sweets, traditions, Pooja, offerings, rituals, fastings, Mehandi and lot more…..

Some festivals are very famous and observes all over the India.

Diwali, Dushera, Durga Pooja, Navratre, Lohari, Teej, Holi etc.

Diwali is one of the famous festival of Diyas, lights and sweets, people do clean their homes and offices priors to this festivals. It is pious to purchase new belongings.

Women folk of the families prepared sweets and prepare traditional foods. All the family members love to wear traditional cloths. People decorate their homes with diyas (earthen Lamps) and lights in such a way in the night entire city will glitter with colourful lights. Children burns fire crackers.

Dushera is a festival celebrated as mark of victory of Lord Rama on Demon King Ravana. Dushera festival is being observed over span of 10 days. Street plays are performed portraying of the life and teachings of Lord Rama. In this festival people gather in huge numbers in open ground and effigy of King Ravana, his son Meghnadha, his brother Kumbhkara are being burn on this evening and thus victory of Dharama over Adharama is celebrated. Large fairs are being organised in large grounds. People come in family and groups to enjoy the Festival. Some people take holy dip in river Ganges on the occasion of Dushera Festival.

When entire north and south India is celebrating Dushera festival and people of Bengal celebrate Goddess Durga Puja. It is being celebrated on the victory of Goddess Durga on Demon Mahisashura and this is also celebrated for 10 days.

Navratre is the festival of Goddess Durga in virgin form. People invite and welcome Goddess Durga at their home, perform Puja for all 10 days dedicatedly. Navratre festival is celebrated twice a year, one in the starting of summer (usually in the first week of April) and second in the starting of winters (usually in the month of October)

There are so many regional festivals are waiting for you to have an experience of incredible INDIA.

Let’s celebrate Indian Festivals!

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