Historical Karnataka

Welcome to Karnataka

Come and explore Karnataka through our eyes; offering short and longer itineraries for creating memories the mix of Heritage, culture, cuisine, Wildlife, Hills at it’s best of Karnataka.

Karnataka is a state in southwest India with Arabian Sea coastlines and is bounded by places like Goa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala with spectacular beaches.

Karnataka is blessed with a rich cultural heritage, temples and home to several Forts and It’s architectural marvels is worth seeing.

Bangalore is the gateway to many other destinations in South India.

We are offering more itineraries for South India, which starts from Bangalore, covering famous places of Karnataka and heading to Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

There are wonderful destination to visit in Karnataka. We are providing accommodation in heritage hotels (heritage buildings as hotels) as well as modern hotels.

We can plan your itinerary as per your interest. You will find here wonderful places like Mysore, Ooty, Hampi Bangalore, Kabini and many more. Karnataka has many location for your corporate functions and conferences and off course we will recommend you Mysore is a good places to have wedding functions.

Mysore is famous for it’s Mysore Palace, wooden toys, handicraft and Silk. Where Hampi is the ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can experience a Rural tourism here, will showcase rural life, art, culture and cuisine at villages/ countryside and our experienced tour guide will be able to interact between the tourist and the locals for a more enriching experience.

Want to Plan your Tour

Write to us what you find interesting here, we will make sure you will have a memorable holidays in India.

Please let us know how many days you want to stay, your tentative dates , what kind of hotels suites to your budget. Any specific occasion to visit, will try to make your celebration more grand. We will design and suggest itineraries with hotels, transportation and guided tours.

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